General Delivery Conditions applicable to, and

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The customer of Lite-Body B.V. accepts these General Conditions in case the customer: Orders at Lite-Body B.V. or entitles Lite-Body B.V. to withdraw the amount ordered from his bank account. By placing an order the customer acknowledges having been informed sufficiently by Lite-Body B.V. or in any way to be sufficiently aware that the ordered services and/or products are according his needs and expectations.


6.1 Procedure
The customer of Lite-Body B.V. has the rights as described in Article 7. In case the customer desires to access any one of these rights the customer at first ALWAYS needs to contact Lite-Body B.V. by means of the e-mail contact form, by phone on the free number: 0800-LITEBODY (0800-54832639).
6.2 Returns
Products may be returned until 8 days after receipt, unless undamaged and unopened, to our address accompanied by your customer- and order number. The rights of the client as described in Article 7 nevertheless remain applicable.


In order to use the below mentioned rights the customer has to take good notice of the mentioned in Article 6.
7.1 Replacement delivery


In case the customer receives a damaged or not ordered product the customer is without any costs entitled to receive a new product from Lite-Body B.V. 7.2 Refund
The customer is entitled to receive a refund of a payment, withdrawal or transmission from Lite-Body B.V. within 5 working days in case this payment, withdrawal or transmission has been unrightfully performed.


8.1 Order
An order is defined as one order leading to repeated or not repeated delivery of products. >
8.2 Delivery
After the customer placed an order the parcel or products are delivered (or picked up) within a reasonable term of 5 working days after receipt of full payment by Lite-Body B.V. In case an article is temporarily out of stock you will be contacted either by e-mail or by phone.
8.3 Complaint
In case you might have a complaint concerning a product delivered by us, we shall do everything to solve this to your satisfaction. You can file a complaint by e-mail or in writing. In order to be valid, every complaint concerning the delivery, of any sort, needs to be filed by the customer at Lite-Body B.V. within 8 days after receipt of the goods. After this term has passed, goods are considered to be accepted.
8.4 Ownership
Lite-Body B.V. takes care of the delivery by post or any other way of shipment to the liking of Lite-Body B.V., on account and risk of Lite B.V. After receipt of payment by Lite-Body B.V. the ownership of the products transfers from Lite-Body B.V. to the customer.
8.5 Return shipment
In case the customer decides to return the products, the costs of the return shipment will be on the customer.


9.1 Withdrawal/payment
Amounts owed are withdrawn from the bank account pointed out by the customer or paid by the customer after receipt by either e-mail or fax of the Lite-Body B.V. invoice.
9.2 Transmission
A payment which either can not be written off or is taken back by the customer within the known term does not lead to the performing of the rights of the customer as mentioned in Article 7. It only leads to a claim of Lite Body B.V. on the customer. Lite-Body B.V. will inform the customer of this in writing. Without any further notice the client is in omission. The client is obliged to pay the outstanding amount (raised with € 7,50 administration costs) immediately to Lite-Body B.V., account number of Lite-Body B.V., Veenendaal, Holland.
9.3 Collecting
Lite-Body B.V. is entitled to hand the outstanding amount (including legal interest and reasonable costs of juridical and other collecting) over to a collecting agency. This is applicable without exception of the mentioned in the articles 9.1 and 9.2 of these General Conditions.


10.1 Law of protection of personal data
Unless the customer specifically expresses his non-appreciation, the personal data of the customer will placed in Lite-Body B.V.’s central file. This data will be used to keep the customer fully updated concerning matters and services of Lite-Body B.V. Taking in consideration the Law of protection of personal data Lite-Body B.V. can make personal data known to third parties. The processing and the management of the customers’ data will take place according to the applicable rules and regulations.
10.2 Exception
Customers’ credit card and/or bank account data will never be put at the disposal of third parties by Lite-Body B.V..


11.1 Products
Lite-Body B.V. guarantees that the products delivered by Lite-Body B.V. contain the capacities as mentioned on the product specification.
11.2 Terms of guarantee
The terms of guarantee are decided by the expiration date of the products.
11.3 Producers and suppliers
Guarantee is only given on products delivered by Lite-Body B.V. like given to Lite-Body B.V. by the producers and suppliers.


12.1 Product liability
Concerning possible product liability the responsibility of Lite-Body B.V. is limited to the amount Lite-Body’s damage insurance pays on a declared founded claim.
12.2 Secondary damages
Lite-Body B.V.’s responsibility (other than product liability) is limited to direct damages and the nett invoice value of the product. Therefore, Lite-Body B.V. is never responsible for any form of secondary damage.
12.3 Consecutive damages
Lite-Body B.V. can never be held responsible for any form of consecutive damages forthcoming of deliveries by Lite-Body B.V., undiminished the pointed out in Articles 12.1 and 12.2.


13.1 Lite-Body®
Is a registered trademark of Lite-Body B.V., registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Utrecht, Holland (registration number 30224271).
Lite-Body B.V. is located at Walenburg 8, 3409 JM at Veenendaal, Holland. This also is the correspondence address.
13.2 Change of address
The customer needs to inform Lite-Body B.V. about his change of address instantly. In case the customer fails to do so, Lite-Body B.V. can not be held responsible for damages forthcoming from the delivery of ordered products to the last known address.
13.3 Proof
Lite-Body B.V.’s administration is in force as proof of placed order by the customer (except from contradictory proof), performed payments and performed deliveries. Lite-BodyÒ reserves the right to tape telephone conversations with the customer and to use these as proof in case a difference of opinion arises between parties.
13.4 Applicable law
To all agreements only the Dutch’ law is applicable.


Lite-Body B.V. reserves the right to change at any given moment the present conditions. Therefore we invite you to consult these conditions on a regular basis.