The philosophy behind the Lite-Body® method

The author of the Lite-Body® method is Gabriela Wolbers, graduate cum laude of the Industrial Chemistry University “Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest” in 1979. Her passion for organic chemistry became the background for the practical applications used in the Lite-Body® method. The intention of the author is to make known to the world that which she discovered and tested as bringing immediate results to our health and our wellbeing. Improvement of these aspects, leads inherently to ease of being, human progress and evolution.


WE ARE ALL ONE is the philosophy that lies behind the Lite Body® method that considers that people are open systems interacting with all the other existing open systems in the Universe. Nutritional elements alone are not sufficient to promote a healthy way of living.


Lite-Body® s first approach is our physical body; what it's made of and how we can give it that which is compatible with and essential for life. Our body is made of: ca 70% water (84% for infants); 12% protein; 12 to 15% fat (men less than women); 3,5% minerals; 0,5% glucose and glycogen. Research showed that our bodies need 50 essential ingredients (out of which 45 are nutrients) in order to survive. We will refer to these 50 essential ingredients as ESSENTIALS. They are:



Because our bodies cannot make these vital life-sustaining ingredients, they must come from external sources. It is important to note that not only do we need these ingredients, but also we need all 50 of them all the time in the right amount. A lack of ANY of the ESSENTIALS will impair the proper working of our bodies and will lead in the short term to sickness and in the long term to degenerative conditions. First the cells will not get all their essentials then membrane of the cells will get damaged then toxins will get easy access into the cells, then the functions of the cells will get impaired then they will loose vitality (they loose their grip on life) and start degenerating. Then groups of cells will degenerate, then entire organs. In the beginning stage of degeneration the process can still be reversed, but in a critical stage of cell degeneration the process cannot be reversed anymore.
In addition to the ESSENTIALS there are also some other supportive elements that greatly enhance our health. These are fibers and friendly bacteria that keep our digestive tract in good condition.
Because we are all different and because it is difficult and very elaborate to establish exactly what Essentials our body misses, Lite-Body® starts by including all the nutrient Essentials in enough quantity (not too little and not too much) for the body to decide what it needs. Lite-Body® does not attempt to make diagnostics or treat disease. Lite-Body® attempts to offer the body the possibility to get all its Essentials in one go and to feed the cells with what they really need to live happily.
Lite-Body® takes into consideration scientific discoveries in connection with the qualities, interconnectedness and working of essential “good” and toxic & not essential “bad” categories of; fats, protein, carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals, air and light.


Lite-Body® also takes into consideration that during our evolution on planet Earth all-relevant data has been stored in our cell's memory. Our bodies store the databank of the totality of all that knowledge. We also take into consideration that we went through all phases of food consumption for the purpose of survival and evolution and as a result of this, we are basically omnivorous. The restrictions that some people make to some food groups are no more than personal preferences that should be respected. The fact that different people have different preferences shows that there is a big diversity of preferences in the world. It does not mean that one preference is better than another one. Therefore we consider that standard preferences should not be imposed as a norm. The result of this is an all round, all including life and health supporting nutrition (clean water, essential amino acids (protein), essential fats, good carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) tailored for the human body. If we were to give it a diet name, Lite-Body® can be called The Essential Diet. Lite-Body® promotes moderation and diversity in nutrition and is based on the human Essential needs. The proportion between the Essentials has been chosen in such a way to promote the balance needed by our body.
The foods that are detrimental to human life and health are not included in the method. These are;



Simultaneous with the process of nurturing and cleansing our bodies, Lite-Body® applies other meaningful tools for shaping up other human aspects such as, mental aspects (building a good mindset), emotional aspects and our connection with the Source.


The Lite-Body® method promotes and coins two revolutionary ideas (pillars) and their practical application.

The first pillar of the Lite-Body® method is;
ESTABLISHING PRIORITIES (natural way of evolution) instead of DEADLINES (being Ego specific) and the practical application of this idea in our daily life.
The second pillar of the Lite-Body® method is a paradigm shift:
Shifting the human operating mode from SURVIVAL MODE (based on fear) to RESPONSIBILITY MODE (based on responsibility).


The practical application of the method and its pillars are discussed and detailed in the Progress Journal that is delivered with the Lite-Body® program. In the light of her intention, the author of the Lite-Body® method has kept the quality of the products included in the method very high and the costs affordable for all walks of life. The method does not intend to sell cookbooks as enough excellent work has been done on that field.


The author stays congruent with her intention to make known to the world that which she discovered and tested as bringing immediate results to our health and our wellbeing. Improvement of these two aspects, leads inherently to ease of being, human progress and evolution.