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Transform your body and health in less than 6 weeks! And keep the knowledge of how it works and the results of your transformation!
Users report positive results within the First 3 days of the Lite-BodyŽ
program and impressive daily transformations.


My name is Gabriela Wolbers and I am here to tell you that Lite-BodyŽ method really works. I am the living proof of it and you can be that too! Have you tried to fool your body with harmful stimulants or diet gimmicks? or starve yourself ? and managed to loose some pounds and then gained them back but then doubled, worsening your health state? Join the Club! Many of us have been there. You can't change the past but you can change your future. Its up to you! It is Your Decision and Your Responsibility.
Follow me here in the Lite-BodyŽ journey and it will be your turn to be thinner, healthier and more attractive and get the best out of your life. Your health and beauty (and here I mean both your inner and outer beauty) are your responsibility. Cultivate and improve them!


ˇ Overweight ?
ˇ Having low energy levels?
ˇ Looking less than fit and great?


If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then :




Lite-BodyŽ is a healthy lifestyle and is being effective at restoring your healthy body weight and your health for a more beautiful balanced you – Guaranteed!
Lite-BodyŽ uses all-natural ingredients that are essential to restore your healthy weight in a safe and effective way. These ingredients work together in an extremely powerful synergy leading to improvements at cellular level. Lite-BodyŽ contains NO harmful substances, stimulants or suppressants as the medical society already proved that they do not work.
Lite-BodyŽ is here for you because of the huge demand for a healthy weight loss method that truly works. As a result of using all essential natural ingredients Lite-BodyŽ method leads to a rapid and lasting transformation that has ZERO negative effects for your body. Lite-BodyŽ is the natural, healthful weight loss program that safely works with your body's metabolism and acts as a catalyst.



The secret of the Lite-BodyŽ method lies in its key ingredients that are supplied with the program. The ingredients are containing all the essential elements that our bodies need in order to get and stay healthy in a safe and responsible way. Lite-BodyŽ takes the organic differences between men and women in general and the organic differences between people in particular in consideration, offering what is most suitable for each of you. Lite-BodyŽ does not offer the ONE SUITS ALL ingredient. I would say that you should stay alert for one suits all health and weight loss formulas. That would be too rough a standardization if we consider that the essential needs of women are not the same as those of men, not to mention age, genetic package, allergies and food preferences people have.
Lite-BodyŽ offers different ingredients (essential vitamins, minerals, oils, amino acids) for different and unique individuals and in the same time keeps the application of the method very easy to follow. All good things in life are simple otherwise they loose the quality of being good. Lite-BodyŽ supplement ingredients are not coming alone. They are accompanied by moral and emotional support that helps you keep up with the physical transformation you are going through.




1. Quality, purity, price– first we determined which ingredients (elements) we need for the method. Then we compared the composition of hundreds of brands available and discovered that in many cases pills are made bigger to give impression that they are better while they have a small part of active substance the rest being make up. We also discovered that lots of products are having big doses of cheep components and smaller ones of the more expensive and potent ones and many times the ingredients used are not in their active form. We also discovered that the wording used to describe products is sometimes misleading. The strangest fact of all is that we noticed that the vast majority of ingredients found on the market is unisex (what goes for women goes for men as well). Having as priority the quality, purity and the price we selected only the ingredients that met the criteria of the Lite-BodyŽ standards.
2. Compatibility of the ingredients for creating synergy– we then tested the working of different ingredients together. It is a fact that different production facilities use different and specific substances. It is therefore possible that combining ingredients coming form incompatible sources don't give the optimum synergetic effect (the end result of using more ingredients is bigger than the result of their addition).
3. Potency (efficiency) – we then chose the ingredients to have a maximum absorption in the body. When the right combination of ingredients is used, its effects (power) are almost immediate.

Lite-BodyŽ is dedicated to offer the best ingredients to its customers. As you read this, new tests and selections are made in order to provide you with the best ingredients and service.



During the first 38 days you will lose between 5 to 10 kgs

Your body will go through a deep cleansing process; dumping fat, chemical dust and all the other dirt that intoxicates and suffocates your cells.

Your energy and vitality will enormously rise.

You will feel better, happier and more self-confident.

Your physical transformation will go hand in hand with your emotional and mental transformation.

You will see amazing results and the priceless skills you learn from us will stay with you for life to use whenever you please.



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