Lite-Body® is dedicated to my children, Marissa

and Alex who have been my true inspiration. Without the gentle presence of Alex this work was never started and without the critical approach of Marissa who always searched for the “truth” this work would have never been finalized.


I also bring special thanks to my father who was a living example of this method in his last years here, my mother who always pushed me to desire more, my sister Doina who taught me what compassion and the lack of it means.
I also thank my trustworthy opponents who challenged me to acknowledge, accept and live the principles of this method. Each one of them taught me a different lesson for which I am eternally grateful. They showed me that hate, revenge, power trips, dominance, dishonesty, are not the answer to evolution. These treats are the roads of total resistance, blocking all the aspects of your evolution.

I give special thanks to all the people that showed up in my life at the right time and who each had the key to another “ secret” of our evolution. These people are Tony Robbins who opened the road to Stuart Wilde who opened to road to Jack Canfield who opened the road to Tom de Kok. For Stuart Wilde I have a deep appreciation .My special thanks to him will never express enough of what I mean. He is a great teacher of what you should do and not do in and with your life .He is the walking example of both. My very special thanks go to a man that I never met, dr. David Hawkins. His teachings are of an evident higher consciousness and his presence on Earth on this time is a blessing.
I thank my friends Mariana Ristea, Rosemary and Adam Warcup, Fedrico Aquirre and Tony Burton for greatly contributing to my understanding of the Life Puzzle, for supporting and encouraging me.
I thank Marissa for diligently correcting and criticizing my work, Loes van Egdom-Kolkman for the all round support and Sylvie Taher for her artistic input.
I thank all the people that I did not name here that contributed to the apparition of this work.

And I thank God for ALL THAT IS.

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