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We will reply this question with another question; How long can you walk in the middle of the street without getting hit by traffic?


Yes, this is possible. The further you are from being healthy (physically, emotionally and mentally) the strongest adverse reactions you can expect. You can vomit, have diarrhea, and get skin rash, cry, and get afraid of the change. This is a normal cleansing process. See it for what it is and do not invest too much interest in it. It will pass. And most importantly; if you promised yourself that you would follow through, don’t break the agreement with you. See what’s mentioned on Reset day 3.

1. You can immediately use the EFT technique ticking on three points only; on the eyebrow, under the eye and making a fist and hitting lightly the area of your heart.
2. If the discomfort is not manageable you maybe "touched a sensitive cord of your being". You can contact Tom de Kok at and ask his professional advice or make an appointment with him.

Tab water contains chloride and local bacteria that can cause low infections. The best method is to filter tab water using a charcoal filter, which is also the simplest, and the cheapest.

The program uses protein as in foods like (meat, fish, greens, nuts, fruit, grain, diary products) and a protein supplement, which is a high quality protein powder in a pure form. This deliberate choice was made because most of the protein taken from food comes either incomplete in the essential amino acid components or comes accompanied by unwanted extra’s such as unhealthy fats (in fat meats). The method wants to make sure that we take that which is essential for our body in the right proportion.
More about protein you can read on Internet searching for “protein Harvard”.

Yes it can if the consumption is abused and the physical exercise is not increased. Too much protein can lead to decalcification (protein needs calcium do digest) and to damage of the arterial walls (the by-product of protein digestion is homocysteine a substance made of small crystals).

1) You will experience that when you will reach a benchmark. When your body has a stable weight for a longer period of time that is registered in the memory of your cells as a benchmark and once you reach such a benchmark your body will remember it and tend to linger there for a longer period of time (it’s a familiar memory).
2) When your body undergoes a period of discomfort (hormonal changes, stress, anything different than normal) it will tend to hang on and not let go of water, food, emotions of pity, etc. This is a normal reaction of defense. As soon as the discomfort stops the body will relax.

1) Yes, people that gain easily will loose easily and vice-versa. This is congruent with the settings of your body.

1) Yes you can and you will actually realize that once you reached your first weight target you will (in most cases) realize that you want to loose more weight than you initially estimated.
2) Its advisable to establish attainable and credible weight targets and after you reach them establish new ones.

The realistic approach is based on your actual situation. If you weight 100 kilos while you desire to weight 60 kilos it’s realistic to follow through step by step by step. A first step would be to wish to go to 80 kilos (that is realistic) and after being there you go to 70 kilos and then to 60 kgs.

· Yes if the difference between your actual weight and your ideal weight is small (6 to 8 kilo).
· No if this difference is too big. In that case you will want to repeat the transformational phase couple of more times. There are also people that have chosen to adopt the eating style of the transformational phase indefinitely.

No because cholesterol is mainly manufactures at night when we are sleeping and therefore a large meal of any type should not be eaten after 20.00 hrs.

30 min before and two hours after the meals (with the exception of the diner). Fruit after 16.00 is not recommended.

In phase 2 Transformation is advisable to eat fruit only once a day, the best time being in the morning on an empty stomach. Fruit will go directly into the small intestine and digest there. However if you know you are not exercising don’t have the fruit serving. It might back fire by stagnating the burning process.

Questions have an immense power. You can compare the power of the questions with the power of water. Once water reaches the mountain rock it keeps hitting it till it makes way. When you ask a question your unconscious will search till it will find the answer. Even when you answer gibberish on the piece of paper your mind will continue looking for the answer till it will get it. That is why you want to ask yourself questions in an empowering way such as “ How can I improve my learning/reading capacity? (How can I reach my desired weight of X kilo)? Instead of asking you disempowering questions such as: (what’s wrong with me that I can nor learn/read fast enough? why am I fat?). In both cases your mind will search and come with the matching answers to your question. In the first case the answer will lead to several techniques to help you learn faster (to loose weight) and in the second case the answer gives you all the shortcomings that led to your inability to learn and to why you are overweight.


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